Sunday, November 11, 2012

Two articles you should read!

Two of my cousins have great articles out right now, especially for younger readers.
My cousin Kim writes about sexual purity here.  It is an excellent of my fav things she says is "Short term pleasures are Satan's territory.  Long term joy is God's".

My cousin Holly writes about God using young people and that being young is not an excuse for sinful behavior.  Love her "Say Not That I am a Child".

168.  An impromtu play date at the park...complete with Starbucks for the mamas.  :)
169.  Good visit with my brother in law, sis in law, and nephews.  I love and cherish family.
170.  Church thanksgiving!
171.  My kids SO excited about Operation Christmas Chld
172.  Zumba...sometimes ya just need to burn some major calories!
173.  Much needed date with my hub...the fact that we can have fun together just going to Target
174.  Cinnamon rolls
175.  Unexpected warm days!  No coat needed!
176.  Kids who are thankful

177.  My baby boy saying "Mama"

178.  My baby boy saying "Dada"...that boy loves his daddy
179.  A hard working husband
180.  Healthy children

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