Monday, November 5, 2012

1000 Blessings

153.  Extra snuggles with my teething baby
154.  Talking to my mama on the phone
155.  A Starbucks date with a good friend
156.  Kids so excited over riding the combine

157.  Good soup on a cold day
158.  Our Sunday School class...watching God grow us as married couples
159.  Relaxing, stay at home weekend
160.  Unexpected short weekend shift for E
161.  Apple pie
162.  Forgiveness
163.  Daylight savings extra hour (even though it wreaks havoc on children's sleep!)
164.  Cold evenings...beautiful skies
165.  My son singing "Me and my mama..." a little diddy he made up.  :)
166.  My kids' prayers before school.  T always seems to work in "Help mama make cookies"
167.  Good friendships between brother and sister

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