Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1000 Gifts...a Thanksgiving version

168.  Thanksgiving...a time of reflecting on all that God has given to us.
169.  Enjoying time with family.
170.  My mom...she works so hard to make Thanksgiving awesome.
171.  Bonding time with my mom and sis in law while Black Friday shopping!  One lady told my SIL and I..."You guys are family AND good friends?  You are so lucky!"  Yes, we sure are.  My sis in law and my mama are two of my closest friends.  Who could ask for more?
172.  Finding some good deals!
173.  An unexpected day off for Em from school while family was here!

174.  Snuggles with my little sis
175.  A boy who loves to ride the tractor with his Papa!  

176.  And a girl who does too!  (Wish I had a pic of this!)
177.  A full, crowded house.  Yes, it's packed to the brim and loud and sometimes crazy...and we love it!
178.  Fire in fireplace, family all around, good food, and football on tv!
179.  Running with my dad on Thanksgiving morning.  He is one of my best friends too.
180.  Celebrating my brother and my mom's birthdays.  
181.  Big gathering for E's side of the family...seeing lots of family we don't get to see as often...
182.  And good times with family we DO get to see often.
183.  That we have plenty to eat and a warm house.  
184.   Remembering this time last year...C's pregnancy had its scares.  I was so anxious to get him here and hold him.  So thankful that he is here and healthy and for the blessing he is to our family.  He's such a sweet, happy baby.
185.  For my parents and E's parents who love and dote on their grandkids...
186.  And their kids!
187.  Great cousin times.  
188.  Tate's excitement over EVERYTHING "Kissmas". 
189.  Everyone pitching in to cook and clean.
190.  SNOW!
191.  "Kissmas moosic pease pease?"  I hear this many times a day.

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