Thursday, November 15, 2012


This morning while I was loading the kids in the car, shivering and wishing for my hot cup of coffee that I didn't have time to grab in my rush, my daughter prayed, "Thank You God, for the cold and for the frost.  The frost is so pretty."  When I stopped to look around and got past my selfish thinking, that frost really was beautiful!  And with the cold weather comes some of my favorite times of the year.

Sometimes it takes our kids to remind us of the blessings all around us.

200.  For colder weather...anticipating the holidays!
201.  My sweet babe who just wants to snuggle right now
202.  For my daughter's teachers and the love they show
203.  For that look E and I share when our kids do something crazy or cute or funny...the look of parents who are thankful for their kids.  Knowing that we share that pride.
204.  For a warm house!
205.  For being able to be home with my children and take Emma to school and pick her up each day.
206.  For a husband who holds down the fort in the evenings so I can Zumba and teach flute.
207.  For the Bible...a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.
208.  For learning to be courageous
What can you thank God for right now?

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