Wednesday, October 10, 2012

So much love

He runs to me, lays his head on my shoulder, and folds himself up in my arms.  His little, chubby, 2 year old hand pats my shoulder the whole time.  A soft kiss on the cheek, and he's off to play again.  Be still, my heart.

She gets in the car, full of energy, and guess whats, her eyes dancing as she talks a mile a minute.  Every day is a new story, a new thing she learned, a funny thing that happened...and she wants to tell me all of it.  And I've been waiting all day to hear it.

I'm awakened at 6:30 to my nine month old crying.  As I drag my sleepy body into his room, he holds his arms up to me and breaks into a big, toothy grin.

There is so much love here.

"How can I thank You?  What can I bring?  
What can these poor hands lay at the feet of a King?
I'll sing You a love song, It's all that I have.
To tell you I'm grateful for holding our lives in Your hands.
You are holding our lives in Your hands."

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