Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What a beautiful choice

Do you remember that bumper sticker/commercial?
Life:  What a beautiful choice.
I like it.  I think I'd life it better if we could change it to...
Life:  What a beautiful GIFT.
You see, I don't believe that life should be a mother's choice.  But the fact is, in our country it is, at least while that baby is in the womb.  BUT that is another post.  I want to focus tonight on life outside the womb.
Because the fact is...life IS a gift.  A gift from God.  And a gift a mother (and a father) can give to their child.  A gift a mother and father SHOULD give a child.
My small group read Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets them Free by Nancy Leigh DeMoss this year.  It helped me examine WHY I believe what I believe about many issues.  And it reminded me of this truth....
Women have this amazing gift from God to be life bearers...and what a gift it is!  We also have a gift to be life nurturers.  Choosing life doesn't stop when you choose to give birth to your baby.  We choose and nurture life every day!  We give the gift of life to our children every day when we:
*Cook dinner for our family
*Do another load of laundry. 
*Change another diaper.  :)
*Comfort a sick or sad child.
*Go to the grocery store...again!
*Play legos, dollhouse, cars, read books, and listen to our kids tell about their days.
*Pray for our family.
I would say anytime we make the choice to put our kids' and husbands' needs above our own, we are giving that gift of life.  It's not easy!  But it is good for me to be reminded of this, especially when I get bogged down, because of this fact...it matters.  What we are doing makes a difference, even when it feels like it's just everyday, mundane stuff.  It may go unnoticed, there may not be any thank yous...but I believe that God's plan for me is to be that life nurturer.  What a beautiful gift.

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