Friday, January 28, 2011

Teaching and Parenting

One of the wonderful things about being a private lessons teacher is that you get to know your students really well.  Most of my students study with me for quite a few years.  This particular student has been studying with me for six years.  She is very dear to me, not just because she is fun to teach (she's an EXCELLENT flutist) but more because of her sweet heart. 
Those that teach know that sometimes your students' accomplishments are even sweeter than your own.  I have experienced that several times with this student, and always she is so humble.  She has worked hard from the beginning.  I don't have to worry about her not practicing...with lots of students, I have to get pretty tough with practicing "lectures".  :)  Not her.  For Christmas she gave me a card that said "I pray every day for you and your family.  I thank God for you."  What a blessing she is to me!  What a breath of fresh air when sometimes students do not show thankfulness and do not want to work. 
Today her father came from Korea so that tomorrow he can hear her play her Division One solo at contest.  He also came last year when she performed...her mom lives here with the children because of better opportunities, while her father continues to work in Korea.  It is such an honor for me to watch him watch her perform.  I will be there proudly as her teacher, but I don't think my pride can keep compare to his. 
Teaching is many times like parenting... no matter what you teach you are always hoping to shape character and teach "other" lessons while you are teaching your subject matter.  All my students have taught ME something, but this particular, I think she has taught me much more than I could ever hope to teach her.  (But don't tell her that, because I'd like to keep her as a student!  :) )

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