Sunday, January 23, 2011

Using Scripture with my 4 year old

I've tried to be pretty intentional about turning to Scripture throughout the day with my 4 year old.  So at this parenting seminar (that's a more accurate word, it was only 3.5 hrs long) we went to this weekend, one question asked was how much Scripture do you use on a daily basis with your child (Focusing on times outside of a family Bible study and more just throughout the day).  Well for a moment, I felt pretty good.  I felt like hey, I've been really working on this and I'm doing well!  Then all of the sudden, I really started thinking about when I've been opening up the Bible with my child and what verses I've been using. And when it came down to it, most of the times I'm using them are when she's in trouble!  I've been known to open up to Ephesians 6 and quote "Honor your father and mother" and "Children, obey your parents" more than once!  I've talked to her about loving her neighbor as herself and forgiving as our Heavenly Father forgives us.  And while these I felt were appropriate times to remind her of those words, I really could only think of a handful of times I've out of the blue turned to Scripture just to remind her of how much God loves her. 
A few weeks ago, I did do this and it sparked one of the best conversations I have ever had with her.  I talked to her about how God knows how many hairs are on her head, and she said, "Well that's easy.  1!"  After I showed her what ONE hair really looked like, she was much more impressed!  It brought up such good conversation about how God knows us more than anyone and loves us even though He even knows when we have selfish and mean thoughts. 
I want to do this more, to have more conversations that remind her of God's goodness and love to balance out the times I need to tell her about obeying God's Word (especially when she has already disobeyed). 
So what about you?  I'm excited to see that I have some readers, so I'd love to hear what you do?  How do you use Scripture on a daily basis in your home?


  1. I read a blog post the other day where a girl read a Proverb during breakfast with her 2 year old and 1 year old each morning. I started doing that with Ella last week. She LOVED it! I know she doesn't understand it yet, but just seeing the bible open is a great start I think. After 1 chapter, she wanted to read more! I thought it was a cool way to make bible reading a part of our day.

  2. I don't have any suggestions but after thinking about it I realized that I also am using scripture when Tyler is disobeying and not in other times during the day. I will have to be more mindful of that!

  3. for quite a while we would read a proverb at breakfast but have gotten away from this since I have the baby now and I'm hungry and want to eat too! I don't see how I can do it all. But I need to get back to that.