Friday, September 14, 2012


Today is my oldest's half birthday.  She is six and a half which is apparently a pretty big deal.  When we were talking about it, she shyly asked, "Will we get to do anything to celebrate?"  Now we don't usually celebrate half birthdays in our house, we just haven't made a habit of doing that.  But lately my thinking has been challenged on celebrating and enjoying and cherishing and making memories.  Not every day has to be a big production, but what if every day we celebrated somehow?  
She didn't want a party or a present or even a cake.  (Which is good because I'm not sure we would have done that.)  But when I asked her what would be a great celebration, her response was, "A donut.  And maybe a trip to the park."  
She won't always get what she wants.  She won't get to celebrate everyday with a donut and a trip to the park.  But for today, we're going to go celebrate turning six and a half.  We're going to eat a donut and play at the park and embrace today for what it is...a gift.  

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