Sunday, April 17, 2011


My five year old has been using these Resurrection eggs to learn about/tell the story of the events leading up to the cross and then the cross itself. 

Now that she's five and really into the story, we find ourselves giving her more information than previous years.
For example, our daughter wanted to know really what it meant that Jesus was whipped and beaten.  She wanted to know if there was blood from the crown of thorns.  She wondered how Jesus could carry the cross after He had been hurt so badly.
There are some stories/topics in the Bible that I feel like I have to wait to introduce her to.  But this year, we are going deeper in the story of the crucifixion.  It's important for all of us to know some of these details (even though we will never fully know Jesus' suffering) so that we can grasp as much as we can what He did for us.
That being said, there is a certain amount of age appropriate shielding I still do and feel is important, even from things that are in the Bible.
You could definitely make these eggs or a similiar project (a resurrection tree is a project we've started...I hope we finish!) that would serve the same purpose...I love to hear different ideas people do with their kids to communicate Bible truths.  We got a really cool Resurrection cookie recipe at Bible Study last week.  Anyone have other ideas they use this time of year that you'd like to share? 

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  1. I'm hoping to do the idea where you put a marshmallow in a crescent roll and then after you bake it the marshmallow has disappeared, just like how Jesus disappeared from the cave.